Above is a 6KW Hybrid, Wind and Solar Production System for Renewable Energy Living. 70' Guyed Turbine Tower

Windistar 4500 Wind Turbine

Starts producing at 12 KM/H up to 4500 Watts at 48 KM/H.
An average wind speed of 22 KM/H the Windistar will produce up to 1200 KWH per month.

GP 1.5KW Solar Tracker

Dual Axis Solar Tracking 1.5KW Array
6 - 250Watt Solar Panels
Independantly powered tracking system
Automatic High wind furling set to 40KM/H, Automatically parks after dark to the east sky, ready for morning sunrise.

1000 Watt Whisper 200 Wind Turbine
With a 1.5KW Solar Tracking Array,
showing verticle park mode,
provides little to no snow coverage
on the panels.
Starts producing at 11 KM/H up to 1000 Watts at 48 KM/H.
An average wind speed of 22 KM/H the Whisper 200 will produce up to 275 KWH per month.

   GP Wind and Solar Products Ltd.

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  Developing an Acreage?

  • We have solutions for your Acreage, Home, or RV.
  • Comprehensive Off-Grid acreage consulting & design.
  • Complete installation of Off-Grid/Automated systems.
  • Locate your home anywhere on your Acreage.
  • No Grid hook-up Fees & Line charges.
  • Custom solutions are assembled & tested before installation.
  • Prompt Technical Service and Aftersales Support.
  • These solutions give customers the added feature of no power distribution costs or future electrical price increases!
  • Please call, E-mail or fill our Inquiry Form on the Contact Us page

Needing a Backup Power Solution?

  • The Peace Country has recently dealt with high winds causing days of downtime to conventional power solutions.
  • GP Wind and Solar can provide backup power solutions by setting you up with a solar array and a grouping of deep cycle AGM batteries to give you several hours of backup power to keep:
    • your house warm
    • your perishables from spoiling
    • any high priority electrical equipment running i.e. Oxygen respirator    
  • An exciting idea we have added into these backup solutions is that they can also be configured as a grid tie solution.  What does this mean? 
  • It means that when the solar array has charged up all of your batteries, it will automatically switch over and send any extra power production back into the grid 
  • This could lead to a credit on your power bill at the end of the year to help offset those costs, but even more importantly, you are creating GREEN power to help the environment.